Under 14s Competition

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Term 4 competition starts soon…. so register ASAP! Don’t worry if you are a little late as we can try squeeze you in.

The IFS Futsal Club encourage teams to have a designated parent (not coach) to monitor equal game time and substitutions. We do not encourage coaching from the sidelines.

For more information, contact Andrew Peachey at andrew.peachey@ifsfutsal.com

IFS Futsal Club is now on Instagram and Flickr.

IFS Futsal Club is now live on Flickr and Instagram.

The IFS Futsal Instagram is updated daily with the best photos and videos of all facets of the IFS Futsal Club whether its from the Community Competitions, FNSW Elite Futsal Program, School Futsal Programs or anything futsal related.

Flickr will feature new albums featuring all photos taken on match days and events featuring the IFS Futsal Club.

If you have any photos you would like featured on either of these platforms please send them through to andrew.peachey@ifsfutsal.com

This competition is proudly supported by:

Danlaid BW1


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