Supplementary Regulations

IFS Futsal follows the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game – These can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game, the IFS Futsal Champions League will also be played under the guidelines of the following supplementary regulations…

  • Each qualified team must consist of atleast 3 listed members of their team.
    Any less and the match will be recorded as a forfeit by the team with insufficient players. The match will still be played.
  • Teams are able to borrow up to two players from other competing teams for matches provided that the players age is the same or below that of the age group being contested.
  • A minimum of three player are required by each team. Any less and the match will be forfeited.
  • Two yellow cards or a red card received by any one player during the tournament will result in an automatic one match suspension.
  • Any player found to be involved in any aggressive conduct – including spitting, fighting, punching, and any other similar incident – will automatically be expelled from the competition and referred to Football NSW for further sanctioning if required.
    Appropriate action for the day of the event will be decided by the event organisers with their decision being final.
  • All players competing must be registered with Football NSW to play Futsal in the 2016/17 season. Any players wishing to play must be registered at a minimum of 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event. This can be done by contacting – there will be a $25 fee for this registration.
  • The IFS Futsal Champions League Cup remains the property of the IFS Futsal Club.
    Any repairs or replacement costs of the IFS Futsal Champions League Cup must be paid for in full by the offending person(s)
  • Each matches will go for 14 minutes in duration with no half time breaks.
    If teams are not ready to play at the time list on the draws, the match will be shortened to keep the rest of the match day schedule on time.
  • If either Semi or Grand Finals finish in a draw, an additional 3 minutes of Golden Goal Extra Time will be played.
    In the event there is still no winner, the match will then go to a penalty shootout with the winner being the team with the most goals scored after 3 shots each team.
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