International Football School Staff – 2014

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Management Team:

Founder & CEO – Paul Chapman

Principal – Laura Roberts

Football Technical Director – Julie Dolan

Tennis Technical Director – Greg Brownlow


Primary Teaching Staff:

Todd Van-Epen

Rodney Evans

Shane Watts-Thomas

Karen Gray


Secondary School Teaching Staff:

Gavin Thomas

Sally Bennellick

Rebecca Parkhouse

Teresa Michell

Andrew McNee

Sarah Richards


Coaching Staff:

Joey Peters

Andre Gumprecht

Brad Porter

Danny Abboud

Will Piriz

Daegal Richardson

Daniel Barrett

Matthew O’Neil

Dale Eggleton

Matthew Spindler

Lauren Colthorpe

Sandra Awondatu

Darryl Darke

Damien Brown


Support Staff:

Office Administrator – Melissa Farag

Accounts – Tracey Shewring

IFS Store – Kerry Dolan

Head Chef – Ashley Van Kints

Assistant Chef – Jodi Van Kints

Transport Manager – Konrad Ball

Buses & Maintenance – Hugh Hayden