Attitude and Application

A great attitude and diligent application are the foundation of a player’s development. Why? Because without them talent cannot reach its potential. Learning and improvement has no anchor.

Attitude is a word that we’re very familiar with. But are you fully aware and conscious of your daily approach? Are you optimistic about change and growth? Do you respond to challenges in a positive and purposeful way? If attitude is the mindset, application is proof of the mindset.

I’ve explained to the players that application asks them a question… “Are you doing what it takes to be better?” If having a great attitude is the desire to ‘be better’. Application is ‘doing what it takes’ to be better.

The environment at IFS seeks to educate and challenge each player’s integrity and commitment to their attitude and application. As coaches, we have not only worked with great players with the right attitudes and applications over the years, but we have ‘done what it takes’ ourselves as players, to not only get better, but get to the top.

Even with that success, my attitude has me still desiring to be better, now as a coach. I’m committed to doing what it takes. And what it takes, I keep coming back to, is a great attitude. Thus the cycle continues and never stops. A wise saying that I hold onto dearly “When you think you’ve made it, you’ve lost it”.

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